martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013


(Por favor leer hasta el final de la entrada, please read to the entrance's end)
Mi heart is called to the darkness
There is time where I am literally cursed, I can't controll my truth form and so many times I've been closed for arrest.
It can't go worse, I know it.
It's late and I shall go to sleep and go to clear my mind after a power discontrol, that it became a murder...
_Another murder..._murmured a sad brown and violet haired hedgehog _ You're going to control that power one day, I know it sister_murmured with a little smile.
_I can't more..._
My sister always tries to support me, but she doesn't know  all that I'm suffering... I always want to... leave the life?, hide from everyone?... I never finish to decide from both options...
_And you kill again... You're becoming from the dark sideeeee_it kided mi old brother Mephiles_.
_Isildu betirako neba!_I shouted him and I went running to my bedroom_.
My old sister told off my brother, and I smiled a little for first time of a long time.
A black light followed by a shadow burst into my bedroom; it became a living thing, similiar to a winged hedgehog's one.
_You've been called to the darkness, don't try to avoid it_whispered me softly_.


Sé que tengo que subir el sexto capítulo, calma, lo estoy escribiendo, pero traduciré todo lo que voy a inglés para tener la posibilidad de que haya más lectores, y no uso google traductor, uso mis conocimientos acompañados de un diccionario. Perdón por mi pésimo inglés.
I know that I have to upload the sixth chapter in spanish, I'm writing it, but I'm going to translate everything to english to have the posibility for reading it more people, and I don't use google traductor, I use my knowings and a dictionary. Sorry for my bad english.

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